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Areas: Chatsworth Lake Manor, Box Canyon and Studio Road; Lobo, Triumfo and Latigo Canyons; Seminole Springs; Woosley Canyon Mobile Home Parks


General Information

I, the undersigned, have read and understand the Digitron Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) posted on the Digitron Wireless Internet Services web pages and I have read and understand the following information:

Weather, climate, terrain, buildings, trees, radio and television signals, etc. can and do have an effect on the availability and quality of wireless signals.

Installation requires an outdoor antenna, Cat5E network cable, POE indoor power supply and router (all equipment is property of Digitron).  DCI cannot guarantee an indoor installation at any range.

For rented or leased location, landlord written authorization and consent is required and must be attached to this document.

Digitron (DCI) does not provide technical or other support for computers or computer networks and does not provide or install any computer related equipment with the exception of a DCI supplied broadband firewall/router.

Due to environmental conditions and bandwidth demand, Digitron does not guarantee minimum bandwidth speed.  All broadband speeds indicated are synchronous.

A single workstation computer connection requires a 10/100 Ethernet network card (NIC) (not provided by DCI).

Customer computer must have a broadband firewall/router and current antivirus software. Digitron will supply a basic router at Customer’s request for an additional $25.00.  Customer may use any router that meets DCI’s specifications. If customer requires a wireless router for networking purposes an additional $75.00 fee will apply if unit is supplied and installed by Digitron.


Digitron Wireless Internet Services, Costs and Conditions (place a P in the appropriate boxes R below):


A.  RESIDENTIAL SERVICES PACKAGES (wireless Internet connection for residential use)

I. For Home personal use with up to 4 computers at same billing name and address.

    q Area A (Chatsworth Lake Manor, Box Canyon and Studio Road & Woosley Canyon Mobile Home Parks) - up to 1500 kbps, (average speed should be between 512 and 1000 kbps)

        q R4 - $49.99/month - $199.00 installation/activation, two (2) year commitment (Mobile home park only) Basic

        q R4nc - $49.99/month - $299.00 installation/activation, no commitment (Mobile home park only) Basic


q Tier 1-550-1400Kbps-$49.99 per month (no change from current pricing model)

q Tier 2-1400-2000Kbps (1.4-2Mbps)-$59.99 per month

q Tier 3-2000-3000Kbps (2-3Mbps)-$69.99 per month

q Tier 4-3000-4000Kbps (3-4Mbps)-$99.99 per month

q Tier 5-Fixed bandwidth of 5000Kbps (5Mbps)$149.99 per month



    q Area B (Lobo Canyon, Triumfo Canyon and Latigo Canyon) - up to 1500 kbps, (avg. speed should be between 512 and 1000 kbps)

        q RM - $49.99/month - $299 installation/activation, two (2) year commitment

        q RMnc - $49.99/month - $399 installation/activation, no commitment


    q Area C (Seminole Springs) - up to 1500 kbps, (average speed should be between 512 and 1000 kbps)

        q RM - $49.99/month - $249 installation/activation, two (2) year commitment (Mobile home park only)

        q RMnc - $49.99/month - $349 installation/activation, no commitment (Mobile home park only)



B.  BUSINESS SERVICES PACKAGES (wireless Internet connection for business use) at same billing name and address

    q All Areas - up to 1500 kbps

            q B1 - $99.99/month - $299 installation/activation fee, two (2) year commitment (up up to 5 workstations).

        q B2 - $149.99/month - $399 installation/activation fee, one (1) year commitment (up to 10 workstations).


Standard Installation/Activation Fee:  Includes the required wireless equipment, including antenna, standard DBS mount arm, transceiver and cable necessary to provide a single wireless Internet connection.  Does not include the supply and installation of a mast, external antenna or other non-standard equipment; installation of hardware or software on computer or labor to prepare computer(s) for Internet connectivity.



Normal termination:  Deposit refunded upon cancellation of service and return of equipment to Digitron.

Early termination:  Forfeiture of deposit (if applicable) plus fee of $175.00 for cancellation of service before expiration of term with return of equipment to Digitron.

Digitron owned equipment must be returned to Digitron upon termination of service or an additional $175.00 fee will apply.



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SERVICE AGREEMENT, CUSTOMER ORDER AND CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORM                        Page 2 of 2 • DCI-WIS- All Areas • Rev. 110728

Prices and Billings

We reserve the right to change prices on our web site at any time without notice.  Orders placed, confirmed, and accepted up to that price change will be valid for the service and term selected.  Prices posted on our web site supersede any other prices on any printed documents.

All charges are billed monthly in advance to major credit card.  For the first month, charges are prorated from the date of installation through the end of the month.  Thereafter, charges will be charged to your credit card on the first day of each month.


The undersigned affirms that he/she has the authority to enter into a binding agreement.  By signing below, Applicant affirms and agrees that this document entails a binding Agreement by and between Digitron Communications, Inc. (DCI) and Applicant, provided that a wireless internet connection can be established via DCI’s wireless network.  It is further understood and agreed that any equipment supplied by DCI shall remain the sole and exclusive property of DCI for the duration of the Agreement and Applicant agrees to maintain such equipment in good and working order.  Upon termination of the Agreement for any reason, such equipment shall be returned immediately to DCI by Applicant.  Failure by Applicant to return the equipment shall result in a charge equal to the replacement cost of said equipment.  Billing for DCI’s wireless internet service shall begin upon activation and be payable in advance.  Should Applicant terminate this Agreement prior to the end of the term, Applicant shall be responsible for the difference between the standard Installation Fee and the discounted amount checked above if applicable.  In the event of a default to the Agreement, Applicant shall be responsible for any fees, including but not limited to the waived portion of the Standard Installation Fee and attorney’s fees and costs incurred by DCI in the collection of any monies due for services rendered and/or equipment charges.  This document contains the entire Agreement between DCI and Applicant and cannot be modified without express written agreement of the parties.  This Agreement shall be construed and governed by the laws of the State of California.  Applicant may view DCI’s Acceptable Use Policy (which is made a part hereof) online on the Internet at http:www.digitron.net/wis/aup.html or request a copy from DCI.


Customer Order

Customer Username and Password Requested

I have placed a P in the relevant boxes R  above to specify the Area where I want service and the type of Wireless Internet Service I am ordering from Digitron.

Customer desired username for E-mail address ending with @digitron.net, i.e. myname@digitron.net (may not be available):




Requested E-mail Box Password (6 characters minimum.  May be changed by user after initial setup):


Customer Information

Full Legal Name:

Date of Birth:

Current E-mail address:

Telephone Number:

Street Address:


City, State, ZIP:

Alternate Telephone Number:

Cell Phone Number:

Mailing Address (if different from above):


City, State, ZIP:

Best time(s) to call:

Full Legal Business Name (if applicable):


Technical Contact:


Business Telephone Number



Customer Credit Card Information and Authorization for Automatic Monthly Payments

I authorize Digitron Communications, Inc. to charge the credit card below each month in advance for the amount(s) and the term selected above.


Credit Card:            q Visa          q Master Card          q Amex         


Card Number:          |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|                                     Expiration Date: _____________________


Name as it appears on Card:__________________________________________                                            ___________ Security code:  ____    


Card statement address (if different from above): ___________________________________________________________________________


Authorized Signature:________________________________________________                                                        Date signed:__________     


Digitron Communications, Inc. • 6355 Topanga Canyon Boulevard • Suite 340 • Woodland Hills, CA 91367-2129



Order received date __________________

Processed by________________________










Install date __________________________

Installer ID__________________________

IP Address-PC_______________________

IP Address-CPE______________________

MAC Address-CPE____________________

Freq.  ¨ 2.4 GHz ¨ 900 MHz ¨ 5.3-5.8 GHz

SU Assoc. ¨ j ¨ n ¨ r ¨ r1 ¨ r2 ¨ r3 ¨ D¨  ¨ t2 ¨t2¨ s1 ¨ s2 ¨ s3 ¨ m1¨ 

Signal Quality________________________

Ant. Loc.  ¨ wall ¨ roof ¨ eave ¨ grd ¨ in


Date Activated _______________________


Mail Box Login ______________________

Original Pwd_________________________