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Wireless Internet Services (WIS)

Digitron (DCI) provides wireless Internet services to residents and/or businesses of Chatsworth's Lake Manor, Box Canyon, and Studio Road; Lobo, Triumfo and Latigo Canyons; Seminole Springs and Woolsey Canyon Mobile Home Parks, and parts of West Hills where no other high speed Internet connection is available.  DCI offers both Residential (R) and Business (B) services.

General Information

Customer has read and understands the Digitron Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) posted on the Digitron Wireless Internet Services web pages and has read and understands the following information:
Weather, climate, terrain, buildings, trees, radio and television signals, etc. can and do have an effect on the availability and quality of wireless signals.
Installation requires an outdoor antenna, Cat5E network cable, POE indoor power supply and router (all equipment is property of Digitron).  DCI cannot guarantee an indoor installation at any range.
For rented or leased location, landlord written authorization and consent is required and must be attached to any service order.
Digitron does not provide technical or other support for computers or computer networks and does not provide or install any computer related equipment with the exception of a DCI supplied broadband firewall/router.
Due to environmental conditions and bandwidth demand, Digitron does not guarantee minimum bandwidth speed.  All broadband speeds indicated are synchronous.
A single workstation computer connection requires a 10/100 Ethernet network card (NIC) (not provided by DCI).
Customer computer must have a broadband firewall/router and current antivirus software. Digitron will supply a basic router at Customer’s request for an additional $25.00.  Customer may use any router that meets DCI’s specifications. If customer requires a wireless router for networking purposes an additional $75.00 fee will apply if unit is supplied and installed by Digitron.

Service Chart

Geographic Area | Service Package | Fees | Terms
Area » A B C D Up Front Fee Commitment
Service Package Chatworth Lake Manor, Box Canyon, Studio Road Lobo, Triumfo and Latigo Canyons, Calabasas, Agoura and Malibu Seminole Springs Woosley Canyon Mobile Home Parks Deposit Standard Installation Activation Fee
R21 $39.99 $200 $100 2 year
R31 $49.99 $2006 $199 none
R42 $49.99 $199 2 year
R4nc2 $49.99 $299 none
R53 $79.99 $79.99 $79.99 $79.99 $200 $299 2 year
RM2 $49.99 $299 2 year
$49.99 $249 2 year
RMnc2 $49.99 $399 none
$49.99 $349 none
B14 $99.99 $99.99 $99.99 $299 2 year
B25 $149.99 $149.99 $149.99 $399 1 year
Residential Service Packages (wireless Internet connection for residential use) at same billing name/address

1 For Home personal use, up to 512 kbps, up to 4 computers
2 For Home personal use, up to 1500 kbps (average speed should be between 512 kbps and 1000 kbps)
3 For Home-based business use, up to 1500 kbps, up to 2 computers

Business Service Packages (wireless Internet connection for business use) at same billing name/address - up to 1500 kbps
4 For Business use, up to 5 workstations
5 For Business use, up to 10 workstations

6 Deposit returned if system is active for 1 year

Standard Installation/Activation Fee

  • Includes the required wireless equipment, including antenna, standard DBS mount arm, transceiver and cable necessary to provide a single wireless Internet connection.
  • Does not include the supply and installation of a mast or other non-standard equipment; installation of hardware or software on computer or labor to setup computer(s) for Internet connectivity.


  • Normal termination: Deposit refunded upon cancellation of service and return of equipment to Digitron.
  • Early termination: Forfeiture of deposit (if applicable) plus fee of $175.00 (R4, R5, B2) or $350.00 (R2, B1) for cancellation of service before expiration of term with return of equipment to Digitron.
  • Digitron owned equipment must be returned to Digitron upon termination of service or an additional $175.00 fee will apply.

Wireless Router

    $75.00 (when supplied and installed by DCI).
    A wireless router is a network device that includes a wireless access point (base station), a wired LAN switch and a router with connections to a cable, DSL, or wireless Internet service. Routers permit the connection of a few (typically 1 to 4) number of wired and several wireless computers to the Internet.

Prices and Billings

We reserve the right to change prices on our web site at any time without notice.  Orders placed, confirmed, and accepted up to that price change will be valid for the service and term selected.  Prices posted on our web site supersede any other prices on any printed documents.
All charges are billed monthly in advance to major credit card.  For the first month, charges are prorated from the date of installation through the end of the month.  Thereafter, charges will be charged to your credit card on the first day of each month.

Terms and Conditions

For additional details regarding terms and conditions, please read the Acceptable Use Policy(AUP) and the Service Agreement, Customer Order and Credit Card Authorization Form (Order Form) before you submit your request for service.   You may also download these documents: UAP and Order Form in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) (Adobe Reader required).  If you have questions please contact us by or by using the form below or at (818) 884-3588 Ext. 100.

Service Selection

Yes! I have read both the Digitron Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and the Service Agreement, Customer Order and Credit Card Authorization Form and I want to order Digitron's Wireless Internet Services.  Please contact me as soon as possible.

Customer Information and Service Selection
The information you submit via this form is for our records only.
We do not sell or share this information.
Full Name 
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Comments or Questions
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Digitron reserves the right to change the content, text, prices, terms and conditions or any other element on any of our web pages at any time and also reserves the right to decline service to any location for any reason.

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