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Communications Systems and Services

In addition to selling, installing and servicing broadband communications equipment, Digitron creates and operates communications networks for customers. Customers that have identified the need to communicate video and/or data to numerous geographically-dispersed locations turn to DCI for the complete, turnkey solution tailored to their specific needs, including equipping the program origination site(s) with video production equipment, arranging backhaul and satellite distribution services, and equipping and supporting the receive site locations.

Common uses of broadband communications networks are:

Video and Audio Communications

Customers can communicate critical information to employees and clients in the most timely and effective means possible, and receive immediate feedback by participants telephoning their questions and comments. For example:

Internal Corporate Communications

Corporate policy, training, human resource information, and other executive communications can be distributed directly to customers' remote locations.

Vendor Presentations

Companies with which customers have relationships can receive information about new product features, sales training, etc., in real time.

Management Presentations

Companies can present quarterly reports, new offerings, special announcements, damage control, etc. directly to investors with charts, graphics and video.

Special Events

Customers can arrange for celebrities to make presentations specifically designed to be viewed at selected locations. Not only do customers' personnel benefit from viewing the programming, but the events can be utilized as customer-relations tools by inviting valued and prospective customers to participate in these exclusive programs.

Data Communications

Digitron Data Services provide the most convenient and cost-effective method for broadcasting data from a central location to an unlimited number of locations. All transmissions are encrypted insuring private and secure distribution. Both Store & Forward and Streaming Services are available.

Any data file (under 1 GB) can be sent to selected remote sites: trading and research information; multimedia files; Internet downloads; updated price lists and specifications sheets; training, policy and maintenance manuals; advertising and promotional materials; spreadsheets, etc.

Store & Forward

Based on a schedule specified by the customer, computer files can be broadcast from one computer to multiple computers. The service is a completely automatic method for transferring information that normally has been distributed by terrestrial lines, compact disk or other media.

Streaming Data

A continuous, real-time broadcast service that allows information to be distributed at selected data rates: 64 Kbps, 128 Kbps, 256 Kbps, 512 Kbps or 1.5 Mbps.

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