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About us • Company Profile

Digitron Communications, Inc., a California corporation, began business in 1982 by designing, constructing and servicing communications systems – primarily broadband cable television and satellite communications systems. Today, Digitron is a full service provider of equipment, installation and maintenance services to a wide variety of customers in several different industries. James E. Anker, President and CEO, founded the company and has directed the company to become a world-class provider of services for the residential and commercial customer. Jim oversees the day-to-day operation of Digitron and has been personally involved with each of it’s clients.

A sampling of Digitron's clients and projects includes:

  • A 15-year service and installation contract with Tandy Corp installing both C-band and Ku band systems, DirecTV, and off-air antennas for 7000 Radio Shack stores and their customers.
  • Over 14 years providing specialized installation services for Sony Corp. Including Home Theater systems, satellite systems and Hotel/Motel MATV systems
  • Over 15 years providing Hughes Network Systems with nationwide service of Two-way data systems, DirecWay Enterprise Edition, and DirecWay
  • 15 years with the United States Treasury Department; providing U.S. Customs service with turnkey C-band Distance Learning satellite downlink and audio/video systems for all airport and boarder locations
  • Engineering, designing and installing an interactive satellite based training system for the Seventh-Day Adventist Church with over 3,000 downlink locations. Installations also included setup and mounting of video projection systems to display to program to the audience.
  • Provide satellite Re-pointing services to many VSAT operators and data network providers. Clients include Data Transmission Network (DTN) Hughes Network Systems, GlobeCast, DigitalXpress, SES Americom and DMX music.
  • Providing Boeing Company with satellite systems in all of its North American locations as well as contracting with specific Boeing locations to provide on-going service and maintenance for broadband, fiber optic, CATV and Audio/Video systems
  • Provides Installation of Digital Signage, LCD and plasma displays, and in-store background music systems for retail stores, banks, and office  buildings
  • Install Weather Stations in schools and commercial locations for Meteorlogix Corp.
  • Providing warranty repair of massage chairs for retail stores such as Sharper Image, Costco, Relax-a-Back and many others
  • Provided Nationwide installation of satellite based broadband systems for over 800 Office Depot stores and their customers

Other achievements

Digitron has also provided Sony Corp. with nationwide installation of Home Theater systems and Hotel/Motel master antenna systems (MATV).  Digitron has supplied and installed in-store music systems, video display systems, SMATV and closed-circuit surveillance systems for large retail chains, banks, credit unions, hospitals, military bases and the hospitality industry.

Digitron is always looking towards the future to enhance its service offering and bolster its field service presence.  Digitron has entered into several new areas over the past few years including installation of communications towers, and servicing and installing of broadband wireless systems used for video, the Internet, local LAN/WAN systems, home networking devices and 802.11b/g and Wi/Fi systems.

Digitron has also ventured out of the communications industry to provide service and installation of computers, copy machines, printers, medical devices, weather stations and message chairs.  Digitron’s ability to service so many products has resulted in Digitron strategically aligning itself with a major transportation company enabling the partnership to offer an integrated delivery and installation service.  This type of service is unheard of in the transportation industry and allows customers a one-stop-shop for product delivery, installation, re-location and de-installation.

Our headquarters is located in Woodland Hills, CA.  Digitron manages a large number of sub-contractor affiliates and in doing so we are able to perform large scale projects with very fast roll-outs.  We provide complete geographic coverage throughout the U.S. and locations internationally.

The Digitron installation service force includes over 2,700 affiliate companies, a total of over 15,000 engineers, supervisors and service technicians.  Personnel are located in all fifty states as well as Canada the Bahamas, Bermuda, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Caribbean and  South America, ensuring quick response to all installation and service needs.  Our database is updated every day and distributed to all program managers, keeping them informed of who is available to accept new work.  Digitron directly employs a minimum number of field personnel enabling us to sub-contract most of the workload to our installation affiliates. This method has proved to be efficient for delivering high service quality, quick response time and competitive pricing to our customers.

Digitron’s IT personnel custom-design a database to accept, process, track and report on customers’ orders.  The database is assigned to a program manager to oversee the implementation of the project.  The program manager is responsible for the integration of the customer’s activity into the Digitron management and financial database and for receiving new work orders, distributing the work orders to field personnel, and updating the customer on the daily progress of the order. 

Program managers dispatch order information to the in-field service personnel and then confirm completion of each phase of the job via telephone, fax and/or electronically.  All communication from field personnel goes through program management thereby allowing the client to have a single point of contact for all issues concerning the job.  Upon receipt of a completion form from the in-field personnel, invoices are generated from the information contained in the database and transmitted to the customer in the customer-preferred form. 

At the close of every business day, Digitron’s IT personnel back-up the databases and secure them on multiple hard drives.  Keeping all job information in a single customer database permits Digitron to track inventory, generate reports, monitor progress and communicate relevant information with uncommon speed and clarity.

Several years ago, Digitron recognized the need to provide high quality training to its technicians.  We created a unique, in-house capability to use the Internet to distribute these materials, thereby giving us the ability to respond to all customer needs by showing our technicians exactly what services need to be performed.  Digitron’s subsidiary, Video Information Network, operates a web site that allows our installers to be trained and certified on a variety of products, systems and services.  This online training capability was designed and built by Digitron from the ground up and uses proprietary systems to deliver the best possible experience to the trainee.

We provide training in two ways; either through a video streaming presentation with an on-camera host or through the use of digital still photos with captions (these photos are presented in a step-by-step order so the technician can print them prior to arriving on the job site and easily be guided through an installation).  In either case, when installing software programs we include screen shots of computers to guide the technician through the process.  When certification of field service personnel is required, Digitron provides the appropriate training to all personnel who perform the work.

Customers provide installation diagrams and manuals for each product to be handled by Digitron and we create appropriate web-based training and support documentation in order to provide the highest level of technical assistance and installation satisfaction.  This training and support documentation is produced in Digitron’s production and encoding facility in Woodland Hills, CA.

First and foremost, Digitron is an international service organization with the ability to deliver high volume installations for a variety of products and customers.  Digitron’s project management team can handle in excess of 100,000 installations per month, insuring that any of our clients will have a professional and timely installation experience.

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